Well provisioned and legally compliant

Experienced crews, advanced technology and well-maintained equipment contribute to our immaculate safety record with no major incidents since our inception, as  well as a 100% success rate on all projects. Control Blasting accepts the moral responsibility to protect the environment and minimize
risks to human health and safety for our employees, clients, contractors and the communities involved in our projects. We continually strive to improve our Environmental, Health and Safety System.

Health and Safety

The management and employees of Control Blasting commit to the following health and safety objectives:

  • All accidents are avoidable
  • Safety training is essential
  • Prevention is an integral part of the quality approach
  • Safety ensures client retention

Environmental Objectives

The company commits to the following environmental objectives:

  • Supporting authorities to achieve environmental goals
  • Prevention of pollution at source
  • Reduction of the risk of ill health
  • Responsible management of all chemicals, fuels and lubricants through approved methods of handling, storage and disposal

Control Blasting is a fully certified, professional and client orientated company, we pride ourselves on our work ethic and client dedication.

Our Services


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