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Control Blasting – The Solution To Your Rock Problems

We Are The Solution To Your Rock Problems. Contact Us Today To See How We Can Assist

More About Control Blasting

As a dedicated and highly motivated team we have proved that we will go beyond the bounds of duty to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our performance and it is on this doctrine that we operate. We pride ourselves on establishing a union of trust with our contractors in order that we will enjoy a long and continued working relationship.

Experienced crews, advanced technology and well-maintained equipment contribute to our immaculate safety record with no major incidents since our inception, as  well as a 100% success rate on all projects.

Conformance Standards

We makes it our responsibility to acquaint ourselves with the Environmental Conformance Standards of our local authorities and our clients.

Our Services


Trench Blasting is a part of the construction work for the excavation of different sizes of trenches for different…

Road Cutting

Think about all the geographic features that make it difficult for roads to be constructed, such as mountains…

Bulk Blasting

We provide blasting for bulk to allow for further construction of buildings, housing platforms, bridges and…

Pole Holes

Drilling and blasting hard rock for the holes required for Electrification projects, find out more about this service…

Concrete Blasting

Concrete blasting requires a specialised means of blasting and equipment, contact us for more information…


We provide drilling of dowel holes for reinforcement of concrete structures through rock. Lengths between 0.9m…

We work for all South African contractors

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